15 Crafty Ways to Reuse Office Supplies Once You Go Paperless

If your office is full of abandoned file cabinets, binders and other paper-related supplies, you are not alone—many organizations face the same dilemma after they go paperless.

Here’s a SlideShare of 15 creative, fun and bizarre ways to reuse office supplies.

Links to step-by-step tutorials included!


15 Crafty Ways to Reuse Office Supplies Once You Go Paperless from Renee Floyd

I just love that old paper smell. Click the image to see 19 other flower styles and how-to guides for each.

3. Pumpkin book

Carve any book into something gourd-geous! Sorry, I had to.

4. Book holder shelves

You can also mount them vertically, but this use of the 90° corner is quite ingenious.

5. Paper clip creatures

Turn paper clips into little legs for the creature of your choosing. If you’re ambitious, make a millipede.

6. Binder clip cord organizer

Not all unused office supplies have to leave your desk. Click the image to see 7 other creative uses of binder clips.

7. Secret binder bookshelf

Hide your secret stash of snacks, gum or limited edition Spiderman comics behind an unassuming binder blockade.

8. Binder ring towel dryer

Two rings to dry them all.

9. 3-ring binder hanging station

Don’t leave your unwanted binders hanging—hang kitchen towels and tongs instead.

10. Multi-part X-wing fighter

For all the Star Wars fans—here’s your new Hobby Wan-Kenobi.

11. Super Mario Bros. file cabinet

I imagine this file cabinet makeover would take about 40 hours—Mario or less.

12. Paper-plastered file cabinet

Get rid of your unwanted paper and file cabinet in one go!

13. Flowering file cabinet

Flip that file cabinet—literally.

14. Tool storage file cabinet

Here’s another flipped file cabinet for those who are tool and tech-savvy.

15. Revive-in-five file cabinet

Want to spruce up your file cabinet in five minutes? Here’s the fastest, easiest way to give it some personality (no instructions required).