Benefits of Storing Documents Electronically

Over the last decade, businesses all over the world have started to convert to "paperless."  Due to the rising popularity of digital document storage, even small businesses can afford document scanning and online storage. With document management software like Laserfiche, you can easily access your files from anywhere at any time. Here are some of the benefits to electronically storing your documents:

Saves You Money:

Converting all of your documents to digital format and storing them in a digital document management system WILL save you money! Say goodbye to the expense of those bulky file cabinets and say hello to the valuable office space you've been missing. The space where your file cabinets used to be can now be a place for that new table you've been eyeing for office meetings. We know that time is money, so spending countless hours searching for specific files/documents will become a thing of the past! And how about savings on paper? Once your documents are digitized, the cost of storing them is very reasonable.

Added Security:

Once you have found a good digital document management system, confidential information can easily be managed. You can assign your employees passwords so they can access certain information. You have complete control over the information that each employee has access to. There is a log that shows you who viewed which files and when they were viewed. Electronic files rarely go missing, and if they do, they can usually be traced. 

Unlimited Access:

After your documents are scanned, they become accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world - given the person has permissions to do so. When you are still dealing with paper files, not only do you have to spend time tracking down the file, but your will probably end up having to scan it or make copies to send in the mail in order for someone else to have access to it. Not to mention, there is no guarantee that those documents will make it into the right hands. This is unorganized and is certainly deemed unsafe. 

Text Searchable:

As we previously mentioned, time is money and you can easily access electronic files by simply searching for the file name or using key words. Searching through drawers on files in no longer necessary; you can instantly retrieve your file in a matter of seconds.