Reasons To Consider Offsite Document Storage

There are several reasons why businesses struggle with on-premises document storage. Most companies simply do not have the space to store physical copies of every document used in their office. Also, it's likely a part of everyone's responsibility to get these paper copies filed away in their proper location, which can lead to mistakes, oversights and a general lack of organization. These are challenges you no longer have to face.

Offsite document storage is a more effective, organized and affordable solution. We've compiled a list of reason why companies should consider offsite document storage.

1. Offsite document storage means you finally get to reclaim your office. Removing older files and documents will help keep your office organized and will allow you easier access to the documents you need. Whether you are looking to store a few boxes or an entire warehouse of boxes, there are options that will fit your needs. Your stored documents and files are always accessible, whenever you may need them.

2. Offsite document storage is an affordable option. It will also free you from the shackles of the dreaded, costly file cabinets as well as other storage supplies, making this a cost-effective solution.

3. Offsite document storage increases security and decreases privacy threats. When documents are left hanging around the office, they run the risk of ending up in the wrong hands. Off-site document storage systems helps eliminate security breaches, offering better protection for yourself and your clients. 

IMI is here to help your business thrive. Securely storing and retrieving your documents is just a part of what we do. Let us work for you!