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Document Storage

Although the future is heading in the direction of paperless, there is still heavy reliance on paper in many offices across the country. Paper records and bulky file cabinets tend to crowd valuable office space, making document storage a useful option. IMI provides a safe, secure and affordable way to store your hard copy documents, microfilm and other media. We offer customized solutions to fit all your storage needs.

Our document storage service is simple! We will work with you to schedule a convenient time to box and transport your records to our climate controlled facility for storage. Each box is labeled and recorded for easy retrieval. 



  • Single-page documents in active files (ex: customer contracts or medical files**)
  • Internal records (ex: personnel information)
  • Regulated files (ex: legal documents)
  • Archived files and/or cartons
  • Digital records (most media types/formats)
  • Architectural drawings and blueprints
  • Proprietary assets such as patented materials
  • Paper documents of any nature

Document Retrieval

At Image Micrographics, Inc., we understand that you may need access to files at a moment's notice and we are here 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure you get the files you need, when you need them.


Available retrieval methods:

  • Electronic Delivery - You will be sent a secure, downloadable link or e-mail.
  • Fax – Simply submit your request for the files needed and we will fax them to you.
  • Personal Delivery - One of our friendly staff members will deliver your requested files directly to you.

Accessing documents has never been easier.  We ensure that your information is well protected yet available when you need it. Save time and boost your productivity with our convenient document retrieval service. 



A competent and consistently enforced document retention policy reduces a companies risk by ensuring that data is handled properly. Some companies operate without any plan in place for document retention and destruction, which is why we offer a customer defined retention plan. 

As our client, you have the option to define how long you want your documents kept on file. Once the documents reach their destruction date, all documents will be destroyed as promised. No matter the length of your plan, we adhere to all your record retention needs.